Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maha Kavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Laxmi Prasad Daevkota (November 12, 1909 – September 14, 1959), was a Nepali poet. He is undoubtabally  the best writer in the Nepali Language. He has written great works in the Nepalese Literature. He is best known for the poemic sotry "Muna Madan."There are several tribute to the poem Muna Madan.This is a poem which shows poverty and their desire to survive among the people of Nepal .

Starting Life:

Devkota was third son of Pandit Til Madhav and Amar Rajya laxmi Devi. He was born in Dhobhidhara, kathmandu on the day of Laxmi pura mostly known as Dipawali, a festival of Lights. which is a day of celebration of goddess laxmi, the symbolic goddess of wealth. His parents considered his birth as a gift from goddess and named him Laxmi prasad( A holi gift of goddess laxmi). He is well considered as one of the famouse icon of nepali literature.He was very kind hearted person. He always trying to help anyone who is in a trouble.

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